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Annual General Meeting (AGM): October 15, 2023 (St-Eustache) – 2023-2024 – New Board of Directors elected! Further information on this subject will be communicated to you. Happy autumn everyone!


The Association of Descendants of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers (ADNLD Inc.) is pleased to welcome you to its new website. We hope you will enjoy its new design and content. We hope your visit will be interesting and relevant to you. Under “Become a Member” you will find all the necessary information on how to become a member.

The primary interest in visiting our site is often the search for one’s ancestral lineage. Much research has been done, and we continue to find new information about the origins and history of our ancestors, Noël Legault (Le Goff), dit Deslauriers and Marie Besnard (Bénard). We are available to help if you need assistance. Once you become a member, you will be able to consult the Genealogy tab. Will your descendants have the opportunity to trace your history? We invite you to participate and share your story as a Legault dit Deslauriers for the benefit of future generations!

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The Epic Story of Noël LEGAULT (Le Goff) dit DESLAURIERS and his spouse Marie BESNARD dit LAJEUNESSE

Noël Legault (Le Goff) dit Deslauriers was born around 1673, the son of Roch Le Goff and Marie Galiou (Galion). We have not been able to locate Noël’s baptismal records but thanks to his marriage records, we know that he originated from the parish of Irvillac, in the diocese of Cornouailles. Noël was a native of the village of Kerinot, located approximately 25 km south of Brest, in the department of Finistère in Brittany.  Several patrimonial remnants from Noël’s time remain today in the inclusive parish enclosure that is typical of Brittany. One can find the wall, the Saint-Pierre Church (1656), the original cemetery, the Calvary and the ossuary where Noël’s parents’ remains likely rest.

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