The advantages of being a member of the Association of Descendants of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers (ADNLD Inc.)

Being a member of the Association will give you the following benefits:
  • Develop a pride in belonging to an association of families linked to your ancestors;
  • Annually receive by mail 2 editions of the newsletter “Se Souvenir”, one in the spring and the other in the fall;
  • Build a family tree using our database that contains more than 68,094 names;
  • Learn our ancestor’s history and family heritage as well as participate in the safe keeping and the distribution of the history and genealogy of the Legault / Deslauriers;
  • Have the privilege to obtain diverse documents relative to the history of the Legault / Deslauriers families;
  • Initiate of complete one’s knowledge and genealogical research;
  • Obtain help to pursue specific information necessary to complete a research project or for the editing of an article for our newsletter;
  • Meet relatives and strengthen bonds by participating in activities, reunions, organized visits of historical sites and heritage all while exchanging and travelling in a fraternal and friendly atmosphere at a reduced cost;
  • Stay on top of the most recent research of AND genealogy;
  • Volunteer and enrich the Association with one’s expertise;
  • Have the right to vote at the Annual Meeting of members or any other unusual meeting which might be held;
  • Seize  the opportunity to become a member of a the Administrative Council;
  • Develop an enjoyable hobby.