The Objectives of the Corporation are as follows:

  • To form an association of all persons who have an interest in the families of the descendants of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers; 
  • Organize conferences, reunions, assemblies and exhibitions for the development and promotion of the history, genealogy and all other matters relating to Noël Legault dit Deslauriers and his descendants; 
  • Provide the members with services that relate to the objectives of the corporation;
  • Create archives relative to the founding family and encourage all persons to contribute their documents, photos, newspaper clippings and anything else that may enhance the history of  Noël Legault dit Deslauriers and his descendants; 
  • Create a library of publications and print, edit and distribute all publications that may help to achieve  the objectives above;
  • Acquire, manage and explore all movable and immovable property necessary to achieve the objectives listed above; 
  • Solicit and receive funds from governments, institutions, physical or legal persons, and financial aid from private or public sources.