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It is in the capacity of a solider that Noël crossed the Atlantic Ocean. He had joined the company of François Le Verrier de Rousson and mostly likely was part of  an expedition in the fall of 1697. The goal was to build a fort of devotees at the foot of Long-Sault on the banks of the Outaouais. This is where Dollard des Ormeaux and his handful of companions held off the Iroquois for many days.

The origin of his surname, Le Go dit Deslauriers, can be easily guessed. Undoubtedly, it evolved from a shrub that typically decorated the surroundings of the ancestral house in Finistère. He came from the Deslauriers in New France, but a quick search of genealogical dictionaries gives no indication of any Deslauriers that might have descendants in our modern day. There is a strong possibility that the Deslauriers and the Legaults have a common ancestor.

We know that Noël Legault dit Deslauriers is the son of Roch Le Go and Marie Galiou (Gallion). We are unable to locate any record of his baptism and we do not know his exact  birth date. Thanks to his marriage records that states “from the parish of Irvillac, in the diocese of Cornouailles” we are able to estimate his age since it is declared in this document that he is between 24 and 25 years old. On the other hand, we know that on June 21, 1683, Yvon Le Goff, son of Roch Le Go and Marie Scour was baptized in Irvillac.

We can then assume that Marie Galiou was deceased and that Roch remarried. Yvon would have been the half-brother of Noël. As for Noël’s father, Roch Le Goff (1634-1684), he passed away at the age of 50 in Kerinot in Irvillac when Noël was but 10 or 11. The information on his half-brother and the location of his father’s death allows us to say that Noël was originally from the hamelet of Kerinot, situated approximately 2.5 kilometers from Irvillac.

On November 18, 1698, Sulpician priest, Father René-Charles of Breslay, blessed the union between our ancestor Noël and Marie Besnard dite Lajeunesse, the widow of François Floria in the Saint-Nom-De-Marie Church (Notre Dame) in Ville-Marie (Montreal). On the previous day, November 17, 1698, the couple had signed a contract before notary Pierre Raimbault (Father).

Marie was the daughter of Mathurin Besnard dit Lajeunesse and Marguerite Viard (Viart) dite Bourbier. It appears Marie also does not know her exact age because the act of marriage has her between 19 and 20 years. Since then, we have found her baptism records and now know that Marie was born in Chambly on May 7, 1678. She was baptized on May 10 in the Saint-Pierre Church in Sorel-Tracy. Her godfather was Jean Poirier and the godmother was Marie Langlois, his wife. From this union were born 14 children, 9 boys who propagated the Legault name dit Deslauriers all over Quebec, most notably in the Montreal region.


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Retouched sketch


Imaginative representation of Noël

This imaginative artist’s portrayal of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers was first published by the Labatt Limitée brewery (in black and white). The drawing was associated with a short biographical summary. It was part of a set of several artist illustrations and biographies of several Quebec ancestors.

Color retouching was added later (by Alain Perreault from Saint-Eustache).

« Legault dit Deslauriers, Un Breton en Nouvelle-France; Tome I », par Claude Legault de Saint-Eustache (Québec), couverture (ISBN 2-922415-21-X)