Resume of the 18th Annual assembly of the ADNLD inc. held at the Amerindian House, on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 to Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

By Ginette Léveillé-Côté m. 434

In autumn, 2015, the gathering of the descendants of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers is kept in the beautiful region of Montérégie.

The 18th annual assembly of the ADNLD inc. is kept at 10:00 am and a new board of directors(board meeting) was elected; here is the composition of the C.A. 2015-2016: José Legault (m. 306) (interim chair) , Louise Legault (m. 563) vice-president, Diane Deslauriers (m. 575) secretary, Réjeanne Desjardins (m. 488) treasurer, Suzanne Hachez (m. 525), administrator, Sylvie-L. Legault (m. 557) administrator, Carole Paquette (m. 500) administrator, Robert Legault (m. 010) administrator, Ginette Léveillé-Côté (m. 434) administrator. The board of directions 2015-2016 consists of 9 members. Bravo to the elected representatives!

José Legault has invited the participants for a guided tour of the museum, the walk in the old village of Mont-Saint-Hilaire as well as the visit in the church, during the afternoon.

In summary, it was a beautiful day. Please find some pictures on the french version – thank you.