In autumn, 2014, the gathering of the descendants of Christmas Legault says Deslauriers is kept on a magnificent autumn day.

The 16th annual assembly of the ADNLD inc. is kept from 10:30 am till 12:10 am and a new board of directors(board meeting) was elected; here is the composition of the C.A. 2014-2015: José Legault (president), vice-president (Louise Legault) and the temporary work(interim) of vice-president ( Ginette Léveillé-Côté), Réjeanne Desjardins ( treasurer), Diane Deslauriers (secretary), and the administrators(directors) (trices ) are: Yolande Desmarais, Sylvie L. Legault, Sylvie mister . Legault, Suzanne Hachez, Chantal Paquette, Ginette Léveillé-Côté and André Côté. The C.A. 2014-2015 consists of 11 members. Bravo to the elected representatives!

For the pictures, please see the french version. Thank you.