Report on the 11th Gathering of the members of ADNLD Held October 18, 2008 at the Le Cardinal Golf Club in Laval

Translated by Paulette Legault, Saskatchewan

Approximately 40 people attended the 10th Annual Meeting of the Association of ADNLD. A light lunch was followed by a warm welcome and the meeting then began in spite of a slight delay. The members of the Board of Directors were made aware at the last minute that the President was unable to attend due to her health.

2008_1The Board members in attendance opened the meeting. Our special invited guest, Mr. Jean-Jacques Lapierre, the deputy mayor of Vaillancourt in the City of Laval, presented the history of Laval, our host city. With a touch of humor, he talked about the very long history of Laval as well as making reference to some of the names of important persons such as Mgr de Laval.

Mrs. Monique Legault, acting Chairperson, welcomed everyone. The reports from various committees were read. Due to the absence of the President, the financial report for the fiscal year 2007-2008 was unavailable as she also served as Treasurer. It was decided that this report would be sent to members in attendance, by mail, as well as being published in the next issue of our bulletin Se souvenir.

A wonderful meal was then shared by everyone.
During the meal, various Merit awards were presented. Three members were recognized for their Outstanding Achievement: Monique Dubois-Legault (m. 001), Eugène Legault (m. 007), absent, and François Legault (m. 060), posthumously.

Other Merit awards were presented to members, some not in attendance.


Louise Legault (m. 002),
Anita Legault (m. 008),
Robert Legault (m. 010),
Jean Deslauriers (m. 011),
André Legault (m. 017),
Raymonde Legault Paradis (m. 037),
François Legault (m. 046),
Jacques Legault (m. 050),
Jeanne Legault Backman (m. 051),
Claude Legault (m. 066),
Hélène Legault Lauzon (m.103),
Claudette Legault-Maither (m. 170),
Luc Legault (m. 176),
André Legault (m. 191),
Jacques-André Deslauriers (m. 277),
Marie-France Legault (m. 280),
Denise Legault (m. 282),
Yolande Desmarais (m. 287),
Huguette Legault Major (m. 293),
Hubert-Guy Legault (m. 324).


Mariette Legault Husereau (m. 009)
Gilles Legault (m. 033),
Anne Legault Filion (m. 071),
Bernadette Legault-Blondin (m. 074),
Irène Legault (m. 082),
Estelle Legault Lavigne (m. 092),
Richard Legault (m. 094),
Gisèle Legault Rouleau (m. 110),
Marguerite Bourgeois (m. 113),
Françoise Dufour (m. 123),
Marie-Paule Dufour (m. 124),
Pauline Dubois Alègre (m. 129),
Aline Chevrefils (m. 134),
Jean-Paul DesLauriers (m. 136),
Gilles Legault (m. 138),
Guy-Roger Legault (m. 140),
Renaud Legault (m. 144),
Hélène Saint-Onge (m. 147),
Léonide Legault (m. 149),
René-Charles Legault (m. 160),
Gilberte Legault Charbonneau (m. 167),
Daniel Legault (m. 171),
Marcel-Damien Legault (m. 173),
François Legault (m. 174),
Guy-R. Legault (m. 175),
Monique Legault (m. 178),
Zélia-Marie Deslauriers (m. 180),
Jeannette Girouard-Bergeron (m. 184),
Jacques Legault (m. 229),
Réjean Legault (m. 234),
Serge Legault (m. 245),
Jean-Philippe Legault (m. 246),
Raymond Legault (m. 252),
Annette Legault Génier (m. 265),
Jules Legault (m. 278),
Pierre Legault (m. 284),
Claudette Demers Giroux (m. 298),
Yves Legault (m. 301),
Sylvio Legault (m. 317),
Lucille Legault-Rivard (m. 321),
Francine Legault-Desjardins (m. 329),
Paul Legault (m. 351).

A dance followed and all enjoyed the wonderful music.

It has been my pleasure to report on this wonderful family reunion.

By Huguette Legault (m. 293)