Annual gathering Sunday October 23rd, 2005 in Saint-Jean-de-Matha

In the world of Louis Cyr
Translated from French to English by Paulette Legault.

2005_1Though a dull and rainy day, the 8th gathering of the Legault dit Deslauriers on Sunday October 23rd, 2005 was held in the beautiful region of St-Jean-de-Matha, QC. It was with warm smiles that the members of the administration greeted the Legault and Deslauriers descendants and their guests from various regions of Quebec and Ontario.

This day began for some with a mass held at the local catholic church. Our treasurer, Mrs. Lillian Delaurier Companion (m.355) had a beautiful commemorative booklet made for this occasion for everyone to bring home. Approximately thirty guests participated in a guided tour of the Louis Cyr museum. This museum depicts the life of one of the strongest men in the world. We were informed that this particular building will be undergoing some renovations shortly in order to expand its floor space. Our guide also told us that there is presently a movie being produced on the life of Louis Cyr.

We then headed for the St-Jean-de-Matha Golf Club to be greeted by our hosts for the day, Mrs. Raymonde Legault (m. 037) and her husband Gilbert Paradis. It was great seeing new and familiar faces and share in a good meal. Lillian, our treasurer, and her husband Joseph set up a booth with the association’s promotional items; pins, articles and a new item added this year, a mug with our emblem. A table also displayed books, magazines, photos and other genealogy treasures courtesy of Luc Legault (m. 176). Luc brought his personal computer in order to answer any questions on our ancestors. He was also handing out information on the ascendance of those present that day going back all the way to Noël Legault.

Three women artists from the community had graciously accepted our invitation to display their talents and products.

After the meal, Mr. Hubert-Guy Legault (m.324) distributed an article relating to Noël, and then quizzed everyone on it. This was a big hit with everyone. Bravo Hubert-Guy for that very entertaining game!

2005_2We never get together without having our traditional draw for prizes. Our energetic president Mr. Eugène Legault (m.007) donated some of his own wine packaged in beautiful baskets. Thanks to Raymonde Legault and her husband Gilbert Paradis, from St-Jean-de-Matha, we had numerous gifts from the local community. Their dedication and hard work made this day ever so pleasant. Thank you Raymonde and Gilbert, your support was greatly appreciated.

Using a slide presentation, our guest speaker, Mr. Michel Gadoury, historian and municipal councillar, briefed us on the impressive career of Mr. Louis Cyr. In 1985, he founded the Historical Society in St-Jean-de-Matha and it was with incredible dynamism that he told amusing stories about some of the residents of this region.

Following the presentations, our annual meeting began with the reading of each individual committee reports followed by a question period, then proceeded to the election of our new executive board members. Our new board is now composed of our new president Mrs. Monique Dubois Legault (m. 001), our new vice-president, Mr. Jacques Legault (m. 050), Lillian Delaurier Companion (m. 355) our treasurer and Mr. Hubert-Guy Legault (m. 324) will be our new secretary. The other administrators will be Mr. Francois Legault (m.060), Mr. André Legault (m. 017), Mr. Robert Legault (m.010), Mrs. Yolande Desmarais (m.287) and Mr. Réjean Lachance (m.458). Inspite of our many efforts in recruiting, two positions are still left vacant so the new Board of Directors will be made up of 10 members instead of 12.

Commemorative plaques were presented in thanks to Mr. Eugène Legault (m.007) and Mrs. Hélène Legault Lauzon (m.103) for their services to the Association. Thank you Hélène and Eugène, your departure will surely be felt.

We also thanked Mr. Jacques-André Deslauriers (m.277) and his wife Liliane Deslauriers for their involvement in the picnic held in Casselman, Ontario and also Mrs. Raymonde Paradis (m.037) and her husband Gilbert Paradis for helping the Association with planning our event. Clocks bearing their name and our association’s emblem were presented to them.

It was with regret that the day came to an end and it was time to say «’til we meet again» either at the sugar shack in April at the Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC, or the picnic in Saint-Eustache in June or in Cornwall at NAV Canada on October 22nd, 2006.

We’ve already started working on the celebrations for our 10th gathering which will be held in the Valleyfield area in 2007. We are looking for anyone interested in participating with us to highlight this event. Please contact any of the Directors of the Association.

By Sylvie Legault (m. 388)