Fourth official meeting of the Association, Dorval
Translated from French to English by Paulette Legault.

It’s 9 o’clock on Sunday morning and already the members of your Board of Directors are hard at work preparing the large dining-room where guests are expected to enjoy brunch prior to the annual general meeting. No effort is spared to make the room festive and appealing : tables are set, banners are hung, billboards displaying family documents and photos are put up, etc…

A short distance away from the main entrance, more tables are set up where guests will be registered. It is approximately 11:15 a.m. when the first Legault arrives. He is followed shortly by one hundred more who had indicated their intention to come for brunch.

With the guests now seated, François Legault, a member of the Board of Directors, acts as MC for the occasion and extends a warm welcome to all present. Since the Board of Directors decided to start something new this year and pick a member of our great family to be singled out for his/her achievements, the time has come to pay tribute to one of ours.

Who better to introduce this person than one of his sons who then shares with all of us his father’s accomplishments during his long life of eighty years. Our glasses are lifted in a toast to François Legault of Laval who has been chosen to receive our achievement award for the year. Surprised, to say the least, François accepts a memento presented to him by Hélene Legault, member of the Board of Directors.

After a great brunch appreciated by all, it is time to proceed with the annual meeting which is followed by speeches by our honoured guests, Mr Peter Yeomans, mayor of Dorval and Mr Michel Pasquin, president of the Dorval Historical Society.

Our MC for the day, François Legault, speaks of his genealogical research and shares with us some of his experience in the matter. This is followed by a coffee break enhanced by Lola Legault’s home-made pastries. We wish to say : Thank you Lola for caring so much and doing all this work !

As intended, a genealogical work-shop follows, allowing everyone to work on their own lineage linking them with our common ancestor Noël Legault dit Deslauriers.

It’s 4:30 p.m. and already the end of a great day for all Legault and Deslauriers family members who were able to fraternize in a most congenial atmosphere.


By: Mme Hélène Legault-Lauzon (m. 103)