Third official meeting of the Association, in Pointe-Claire
Translated from French to English by Paulette Legault.

The reports on activities of the Association, an unpublished lecture on our ancestor Noel Legault dit Deslauriers and the election of new Directors were the principal items dealt with at this meeting held at 3 o’clock on November 19, 2000.

The visit of François Quéret dit Lavallée

La troisième rencontre de l’Association de Noël Legault dit Deslauriers a été marquée par la visite d’un soldat, ami de Noël. Il a raconté l’histoire de Noël dans ses grandes lignes en incluant quelques anecdotes sur la façon de vivre du temps.

The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Association of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers was marked by a visit from a soldier, a friend of Noël. He told Noël’s story using a broad outline with a few anecdotes on life at that time.
The character, played by a member of the Board of directors, covered a lot of material, ranging from the financial situation of our ancestor as well as his movements on the island of Montreal. He asked us to clarify a point concerning the location of the Côte de Plaisance. It indeed lies east of the fortifications and the creek running through the meadow is indeed where it was discussed at the conference. It is situated much further inland, in the heart of the Island….or almost.

By: Claude Legault (membre 066)