First official meeting of the founding of the Association in Pointe-Claire
Translated from French to English by Paulette Legault.

b_150_100_16777215_0___images_stories_images_rencontre_1998_1On November 15, 1998, the Association of the Descendants of Noël Legault dit Deslauriers was founded.

An author had launched the idea. Several wondered who would organize it but no one had come forward. A group of undaunted individuals headed by a woman named Dubois dit Laviolette decided to proceed. Monique Legaultt may one day shed some light as to how this was set in motion right in Irvillac.

The organizers were hoping that this meeting would be held on November 18 since that day would commemorate the 300th wedding anniversary of the ancestors, Marie and Noel.

Ads were placed in provincial, municipal and local newspapers. A reservation was made for a very small room and we found ourselves at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire. As the Association has not yet been formed, finances did not permit the use of a larger facility such as the Noel Legault Center in Pointe-Claire or a school.

Numerous people attended, Legaults from California, Colorado, Florida as well Ontario. Numerous cities in the great metropolitan region of Montreal sent representatives, to name a few, Pointe-Claire, Sainte-Genevieve, Pierrefonds, Chateauguay, only those attached directly to the second generation. All had been patiently waiting for this reunion. A room had been booked in expectation of approximately 90 people and the organizers felt that there would be double the room necessary. This was definitely an underestimation of the Legaults.

In the back left corner, Jean Deslauriers (m. 011) introduced his website and this would permit everyone to know their ascent up to Noel’s first child. Evidently, only the male children remained on course as others changed their names during the course of the years.

On the table in front, Jean Deslauriers (m. 011) showed his video on Irvillac, showing certain aspects of the town from which our ancestor originated. The television set did not cool off as a second group of participants were moved to a second room.

Monique Legault (m. 001) then introduced members of the Provisional Committee of the Association. Explanations, answers to questions were given in a near overheated atmosphere in the overflowing room.

New volunteers were added to the team.

By: Claude Legault (m. 066)