March 2009

March, 2009

Newsletter « Se souvenir », volume 10, number 1


Dear cousins,

Since October 18, 2008 I hold the position of President of your Association. I am very proud but at the same time a bit apprehensive about the task which lays ahead. I am fortunately assisted by an incredible team that shares the goals of the success of our organization while respecting the interests of our members.

To begin, I must thank in particular our past-president of ADNLD, Lillian Delaurier Companion (m. 355) as well as Monique Dubois Legault (m. 001) who at the annual meeting in 2007 accepted to continue serving on the Board of Directors for an additional year in order to ensure the survival of the association. Thank you to Robert Legault (m. 010) who has served numerous years on the council and who decided not to renew his position in 2008. Thank you also to the other members of the Board of Directors for their support this past year as well as for their continued support on council.

It is not always easy to take the reins of an organization and ensure its continuity and obligations to ensure its survival, now and in years to come. Upon review of the financial situation, the members of the Board of Directors have identified our present situation. To improve our finances, we have explored two options concerning the annual dues.

The first option was to increase the annual dues to $30. The second was to no longer offer our members the option of paying $100 for a five-year membership, or $20 per year. After much discussion, it was agreed upon that the annual fee would remain at $25 and that the 5-year option would be discontinued starting in 2009, but all the while respecting those members who had taken advantage of this offer in the past. We appreciate their pledges and confidence in their Association.

We must also make certain cuts to expenses but we will continue our affiliation with the “Fédération des familles souches du Québec”. This organization regroups more than 350 family associations in Quebec and offers many services such as the printing of our bulletin and reduced bulk mailing rates. In addition to those expenses, we forward to FFSQ the amount of $1.75 per member yearly. I felt this point should be brought to your attention since it is rarely touched on at our meetings.

You will find in this edition, the financial report for the fiscal year 2007-2008. You will also find in large print the date and location of our next annual meeting in 2009. We hope that in receiving this information long before the meeting it will enable you to plan to be with us on this occasion. A detailed program will be presented in the September edition of the bulletin.

Please rest assured that the members of the Board of Directors and I are at your disposal, should you have any concerns or require information. Please visit our website and send us your comments.

Hélène Legault Lauzon (m. 103)