Autumn 2009

Autumn, 2009

Newsletter « Se souvenir », volume 10, number 2.


Dear Family Members,

By the time you read these words, nearly a year will have gone by since I began to serve as President of your Association. It has been a year that has proven to be a bit difficult as important decisions had to be made. The means were found to ensure a good continuation, all while trying to maintain the highest level of performance possible. All of this was realized thanks to the cooperation of the members of the Administration Council.

Certain changes have been made and these will be communicated to you at the Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at the Sarto- Desnoyers Community Center in Dorval. A great deal of effort was put into the organization of this reunion. We are hopeful that the contents of the day will attract a large number of our members.

As you refer to the program for this reunion, you will note that the day will include not only the Annual Meeting, but a four course hot meal – please refer to the menu – served by a well-known caterer at very affordable prices. YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN WINE! In doing so, we have reduced our costs and subsequently yours. Please note that you must reserve for this meal in advance by filling in the registration form enclosed. We cannot accept any reservations on the day of the reunion.

We are also privileged to offer some professional lectures. Francois Legault will relay some of his experiences while serving for numerous years as President of FADOQ (Federation of the Golden Age Club of Quebec). The Historical Society of Dorval will also familiarize us with the locations where numerous Legault families lived.

On this occasion, we will also be unveiling a tree in the Arboretum on the grounds of Sarto-Desnoyers Community Center, in memory of our ancestor Noël Legault dit Deslauriers and his spouse Marie Besnard.

At this meeting on October 24, I have a wish that is dear to my heart. I would like each member to communicate with a relative, perhaps a brother, or cousin, a sister or cousin who has taken the name of her spouse. We hope to reach those that we have had difficulty contacting in the past. We invite them to participate in this annual reunion and come to meet distant and perhaps unknown relatives.

October 24 is your day and its success depends on your participation. A little effort on everyone’s part and this can become a reality… Come, discover new family and become acquainted, perhaps utilizing our Genealogical Database. We look forward to it! In the meantime, please visit our Internet site See you soon!

Hélène Legault-Lauzon (m. 103)